The Land Of The Amish

Road trips are in my blood. I jump at an opportunity to drive for hours and listen to audio books that expand my mind. It's all about the journey, but when the destination has good friends, along with new sites, smells and experiences then I am more than all for it! 

Long story short, I took a drive down to the former land of Willy Wonka, known as Hershey, PA. Hershey's chocolate used to be made there, now only the Reese's have survived.

I had the privilege of doing something that scared me within the first few hours of arriving. Roller coasters have never quite been my thing, but going to Hershey Park was my chance to get over that apprehension. That was the first time I rode a roller coaster with any sort of inversion. Tons of fun aside from the stiff neck. 

The next day, I got the customized local tour with off the beaten path adventures. We had to start with a local coffee shop of course, and what adventure would be complete without a hike!? After a short hike and strenuous tower climb we had a fantastic view from what seemed to be a birdcage.

My favorite activity of the bunch was known as "A Thousand Steps". I really dig things that are "bizarre" by societal standards and that place certainly was. There was definitely a mild yet odd energy of tension and angst about the place. Perhaps that came from all of the profanity and male genitals painted on the rocks, or the assumed to be copious amount of substances that have been abused there. None the less, it was a very unique exciting experience. 

Fun it was playing on the rocks, but all adventurers grow weary, thirsty, and hungry. So why not head to the local brewery in order to taste some beer from the land of the horse and buggy!? It was raining out anyways, what else was there to do?

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