The Beginning

You have stumbled upon the section entitled "The Awakening". Now you may be thinking to yourself, what does that mean? This blog will house content that is pertinent to dealing with life. Life is complicated and overwhelming at times but it does not have to be. It is my firm belief that "Western Society" as it has been termed lacks a fundamental understanding of the "true nature" of life. Therefore, it is the goal of this blog to introduce ideas that make life more understandable, easier to digest and overall a more fun experience. 

For those who are wondering "Western Society" simply means any modern day society that has beliefs rooted in Greco-Roman civilizations with origins of the word being tied to the actual "western" region of the hemisphere. The most telling tale of this society today is the belief in mono theism a relic from the times of monarchy. Another symptom is that of the individual and how important it is to be one. 

Another term to define is "true nature". This simply means how things truly are without the construct of the human mind. All of our experiences are filtered through our perception. This distorts our take on reality and the physical world. There is a "true nature" that does not have the human mind's bias imposed upon it. 

With these two terms defined, it is important to note that the blog posts that ensue will touch upon these topics directly and indirectly. The posts that follow are designed to get you to think outside of the box. If you are attached to your way of thinking, and think that it is the right, correct or only way of thinking, take it as a challenge to question that. This is a space for open minded exploration of many of the topics that are rarely if ever touched upon the society by and large. 

With all of that being said, this is a space of sharing, creativity and feedback. Please make it critical but constructive. There is no use in putting energy into negativity, in the end it helps no one. Education and learning are paramount here!

Stay curious my friends!

Pete WilletteComment