The Void

I have been to this place before

The feeling is all too familiar.

The sensation of free falling

Thoughts of panic, anxiety and fear.

Nature abhors a vacuum

And I’d say that’s what this is.

No one is around, no one to call

Nothing to do, no importance at all.

Then as I sit there

It starts to push through.

The thing beneath it all, the linchpin

The insecurity, the worry, the fear.

They all come from the common root

At the base its the apprehension

Of not being worthy of love.

The first stage is being worthy of self-love

The second is the love of another.

The former a strong prerequisite for the latter.

When we don’t have a firm starting point

Where is it that we should turn?

When we look back and all bridges burn.

When we look forward and all we do is yearn.

From belonging, to acceptance, to friendship, to love

We look ahead out into the desert, cold dark night.

We look back and no one is in sight, feeling chills of fright.

Here we are, in the void. Free falling, standing still.

The insecurities and loneliness come in waves.

Then, we realize, there we are, where we’ve always been.

The cold, hard, darkness is the chasm.

The separation between self and other inherent to life.

There we are, where we’ve always been.

If we rest in the moment, the darkness becomes a womb.

From here we can be reborn and transcend.

There we are, where we’ve always been.

In the moment there is no here or there, no past or future.

If we release into the eternal now, all our insecurities walk away.

There we are, where we’ve always been.

Our fears deflate to what they should be.

We water the desert and build the bridges with our presence of mind.

There we are, where we’ve always been.

We can create this oasis within ourselves at any time.

We only have to remember to be here and now - always and forever.

Pete WilletteComment