Internal Struggle

It hops on that wheel

It takes over how you feel

None of it is real

Your attention it does steal

The mind goes to that place

It makes the ugliest face

Making you think the worst

Even though, not the case

It’s so interesting

The filling in, the extrapolation

The wild and vivid thoughts

The self-deprecation, self-degrading

Unrestrained, it beats you down

Like a giant, wields the mallet round

Like a repenting monk

Itself it does pound

This repeats, utterly defeats

Round it goes

Filling the mind with woes

So much self doubt

How, how to get it all out.

Then the situations changes

The mind realizes it isn’t that way

Like the night turned to day

The outlook is anew

For now the night is through

Sitting here waiting

Fearing it’s return

How to deal with this

How to make it go

No one else to show

This is the internal battle

The one no one sees

The one no one can experience

The one no one knows

The worst of all

Is it’s premise is false

The story that’s told

Did not even unfold

This mental flogging

Is all for not

It is all based

In a false mental space

How do we stop,

This cycle from perpetuating?

How do we stop,

This self-flagellating?

Pete WilletteComment