Written Circa: 2013


Taking it all in.

Who is it who stops,

And for even a moment,

Takes it all in?

We live in a world,

Driven by sin.

It is a jungle,

Where egos run wild.

There is no longer,

Such a thing,

As lending a hand,

To a fellow man.

We are all set,

On autofocus,

And the lens is turned,

Toward an egocentric self.

This all paves the road,

For corruption, deceit and lies.

No, these are no words,

From the wise.

These are words hashed,

Out from observations,

Taken from my own eyes.

Can you not see,

This land is ruled,

By suits and ties?

Too much handshaking,

Pocket padding and,

Deal making.

All this done, by these,

Modern day majesties.

The only problem,

Kings should rule solo.

When there are many,

The system goes loco.

So many problems,

So many hardships,

So many have to cash in their chips.

I sit here alone,

Realizing there is,

Not a thing I can do,

To change these ways,

All that I pray for,

Is a job that pays,

And to live out my days.

In all of the happiest of ways.

Pete WilletteComment