The Point

If there is no self,

There must be no one else.

We can be isolated,

But never alone.

For this effects this,

And this affects that.

If there is no self,

There must be,

No one to gain.

Then it might be asked,

What is desire?

What are the fundamentals,

Of an in born drive?

No proof or disproof,

Of a higher power,

Or an afterlife.

Why does it mean,

So much, to make a memory?

After all, why else

Are we here?

The only certainty,

After life is a spark.

The one that sits,

In the friends and families hearts.

It is like a hot ash,

In a woodsman’s pouch,

Brought from the night’s fire.

Isn’t it a conundrum though?

The more one cares,

About others thoughts.

The less the chance,

A lasting memory will occur.

Where is the balance,

Between no care,

And showing up and being there?

In the end,

It shouldn’t matter.

Caring about then,

Is neglecting the now.

Apathy is a choice,

Use your choice and have a voice.

Pete WilletteComment