Look at Facebook, look at that phone.

Trying to run, from that feeling of alone.

Peering into that screen, now you’re in the zone.

Surrounded by your friends, but there’s no one home.

Through your timeline history, do you comb,

For some nugget of reassurance, that you are not a clone.

Your chance to be a friend, that you’ve blown.

You’re a stranger in a house, that you call your home.

You spend your days in an app filled haze.

You can’t event stop while you walk your dog.

You even have to plug in for a jog.

Snap a picture for your blog.

No reason to be here, when you could be there.

Write on someones wall, show them that you care.

And then walk by with a blank and absent stare,

Or viral their post with one more share.

Rest assured, that this is all very well worth it.

There is no reason that we should curse it.

Someone will surely tally our likes,

Or posts of cute dogs on bikes.

That will really decide, if this life was lived before we died.

Have no fear as not a single tear will be cried.

As there won’t be a sole there for anyone to confide.

Because no one even knew that you went.

They were all too busy, with the next technological advent.

Pete WilletteComment