The Flame

We see the flame that burns

It dances and waivers

It doesn’t worry

About where its fuel comes from

And when there will be no more

It just does, what every flame does

It doesn’t look to get numb with a buzz

Or care if its fuel looks like fuzz

There is no judgement, no fear, no anxiety

The flame cannot exist, outside of this moment

It simply follows, the trail that is possible

It doesn’t wonder, which way is right

All the while guiding you, through the darkest night


Why is fire so intriguing?

It has the power, to stop your breathing

Or it can keep you from freezing

The flame doesn’t do this, expecting you to owe it one

It doesn’t even, look to have fun

But it is why, we have a sun

The flame also, releases the energy

That is contained within each thing

It’s a visual guide, an illumination of what’s inside

Burning, converting, destroying, no place to hide

It brings to light, life’s natural flow

It shows you the energy, in a bright glow

All the while not caring, about the content of the show.

Pete WilletteComment