Sun Salutation

Why is it that we take notice to the sun's presence but only twice a day at most?

It rises and sets every day, without fail.

It shines on the earth eternally.

It lights our day and gives us, solar beings, the energy we need to survive.

Yet we only appreciate it is there when it changes.

We only recognize when the perspective has shifted.

It is like life and death itself.

We only truly honor the day of our birthing and the day of another's falling.

Why not honor every second of every day as sacred?

Why not honor all of the sun's shining moments?

It is but a cycle. One revolution on the wheel of dharma. One step closer to a full awakening.

One step closer to realizing the sun shines bright on all of us, every day, without judgement, without fear, without discrimination.

How have we become so disconnected from the source that which gives us life?

How have we become so disconnected from the source deep within us that provides us with eternal energy, life and happiness?


Pete WilletteComment